The Forest Warrior is dedicated to helping local Groups & Charities.  We Appreciate that friends and family get tired of being asked to sponsor us for runs, races and events so we have come up with a great way to raise money for your club.

Simply put your Nominated Club or Charity on your entry and for every 5th Nomination we will send them £50.  So you can enter on your own or better still tell your Family & Friends and get them to enter and Nominate and know that as well as entering the Race Event of the year your also helping YOUR chosen Charity/Group.

As Nominations add up we will publish on this page a spreadsheet of Nominations received for all Groups & Charities so you can see how your chosen group are doing.

Also if your undecided on who to support you may see a group on 9 nominations and decide to help them to 10 and get their £100 cheque. 

So tell your friends, spread the word and start nomination a good cause today.

The Ultimate Obstacle Race